Aerial Services

Bowman Productions provide a wide range of aerial services across a variety of different industries, a selection of which is below. For further enquiries and to discuss your business needs please Contact Us.


Buildings & Structure Inspections

Traditionally, building and structure inspections can be very expensive in terms of man hours, equipment and safety procedures. Using UAV's  reduces cost and speeds up the process considerably. The checking, recording, photographing and logging of even very tall structures from a safe distance can be achieved with ease from every angle, allowing for later in-depth analysis from a safe environment. Furthermore, video and photographs taken provide a visual and easily repeatable record - valuable for the purposes of insurance and future analysis.

Infrastructure and Utilities

Inspections and surveys of hard to access areas, such as wind turbines, electricity pylons, pipelines and radio towers are much easier and safer to reach and assess with a high resolution UAV, providing detailed video and stills for general inspection and damage assessment.


Surveying and Inventory Tracking

Environmental surveys, land mapping, geological surveys, estate management – using a drone to conduct such surveys is considerably cheaper than hiring a helicopter. A UAV can fly low over all types of terrain which may otherwise be difficult to reach. As a drone leaves no footprint there is also the benefit to the environment.


Construction Sites

A drone is the best way to get a good overview of a construction site. Detailed aerial video and photographic records can be made at every stage of development, from planning right through to completion. Flight paths can be mapped and pre-programmed allowing for consistent record keeping, all for a very cost-effective price.


Estate Agents

Aerial video and stills of property for estate agents provides a unique view for potential buyers, showing the scale of the property and surrounding areas. This can be coupled with ground based video of the exterior and interior to provide a fully rounded perspective of the building and its surroundings.



Crop monitoring and health assessment, checking for pests and field mapping – all valuable services for farmers made easier with the deployment of a UAV to provide video and still image feedback for before and after assessment.


Golf Courses

Create beautiful sweeping aerial videos of golf courses and club facilities that will compliment and enhance your marketing material, providing the perfect view and a great first impression for customers. Show off your location, your fairways, the views above each hole, as well as facilities, access roads and parking. Add in ground based video to provide a comprehensive overview of your club. There’s also the option to monitor your course health over a period of time. 


Commercial Property

Aerial video and photography of commercial premises such as industrial units, offices spaces and retail parks provides a great low-cost platform for striking footage to aid with the sale or leasing property. Stand out from the crowd and provide the perfect perspective for potential customers to view your commercial property.


2D Maps & 3D Modelling

We can produce detailed 2D maps and 3D models of a specified area. Utilising state-of-the-art drone mapping, image stitching and 3D modelling software we produce 2D top-down ground and structure maps and 3D rotatable models which are ideal for visualisation, planning and construction purposes.