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Who We Are

Bowman Productions are Pfco certified to pilot Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s aka Drones) within the guidelines set down by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). We are also fully compliant with CAA requirements in terms of operating manuals and procedures and fully insured for all commercial work. All of these requirements are compulsory in order for any commercial drone company to operate legally within the UK.


Why Choose Us

We believe that experience counts. Being a skilled and CAA certified UAV operator is only part of the equation. Over 35 years of photographic and broadcast video knowledge raises the bar considerably and assures our clients that when it comes to video, stills and post-production we know what we're talking about. 

All of our aerial services are covered with public liability insurance.


UAV's / Drones

We use a number of DJI professional grade UAV's that provide up to Ultra-HD 4k video footage and 20mb still images.  All of the cameras we operate are fully stabilised on 3-axis gimbals to provide silky-smooth video and pin sharp stills.


Planning & Safety

Pre-planning and safety of any shoot involving a drone (UAV) is paramount. As a Pfco certified business we will work with you in advance of any shoot to determine your specific shot requirements and the area to be covered. We then carefully assess VFR (Visual Flight Rules) maps to ensure flights can be carried out safely and within CAA guidelines. This covers contacting any local airports and raising NOTAM’s (Notice to Airmen) if required.

UAV Restrictions

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) imposes strict rules on how UAV’s are operated. It is of the utmost importance that Pfco certified pilots adhere to these rules. For the purpose of client expectation, the ones to consider when planning your shoot are as follows:

  • A UAV may not exceed a ceiling height of more than 120m from the ground.

  • A UAV may not exceed a distance of more than 500m from the pilot.

  • A UAV must remain within visual line of sight of the pilot (or a nominated spotter) at all times.

  • The minimum take-off distance of the UAV from a person not under the pilots control is 30m.

  • The minimum distance of a UAV from a person or properties/objects not under the pilots control during flight is 50m

  • A UAV may not be flown within 150m of either a congested area or open air crowd of more than 1000 persons.

Other CAA rules and guidelines also apply, but the above provides some expectation of what is and isn’t achievable with a UAV

Other Considerations

The weather is a governing factor in UAV safety. Rain, strong winds, snow - uncontrollable elements that need to be carefully considered before any aerial work takes place. Worst case scenarios mean that a scheduled shoot may need to be postponed if the UAV pilot determines that the weather presents a significant risk to flight safety.