360° Photography

360° photography provides a full 360° immersive viewing angle and is ideal for showcasing rooms or indeed any area that would benefit from allowing the viewer to see all of their surroundings. A specialist camera is used to take images that are then combined together in software to produce a 360° view. The viewer can then use their mouse to scroll around the entire frame (go ahead - try it on the above image). If required, text, graphics and a logo can be added within the 3D space so that it scrolls around within the frame with the image.

We feel the marketing potential of 360° images is considerable. The 3D and VR (Virtual Reality) spaces are a rapidly developing area and it won't be long before headsets are used to provide virtual tours on websites. Step ahead of the curve and look to how this technology can benefit your business now. Please Contact Us if you'd like to discuss further.